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  • L. Wood
    The TV box is small that save me a lot of space and very easy to setup with TV just by connecting the HDMI cable with my TV and follow the instructions to enter my WiFi info then everything is ready to watch, the interface and remote are user friendly ; it is easy for kids or elders

    Aug 21,2018

  • R. Kaur
    Not sure why so many negative reviews about this gadget, i thought that it is well worth for the price paid, with so many channels available, there are instructional video clips available on YouTube ; however

    Aug 21,2018

  • TallulahTech
    This little box does it all, it includes hundreds of live TV channels plus many more through wi-fi connection or networking cable so you do not need antenna or cable set-top box, very good quality product

    Sep 17,2018

  • lorencamille
    This latest version product has more categories of channels and higher working speed, the good customer service is another reason which I like it

    Aug 05,2018

  • Peter Blinn
    It is very easy to install and easy to use to watch the app that installed on Ubox, i am very satisfied with this product and the price is reasonable

    Aug 12,2018

  • Mugeiro
    TV Box
    O equipamento é sem dúvida de muita qualidade. Funciona na perfeição e recomendo vivamente. Pequeno, prático, leve. O software não apresenta quaisquer bugs. É facil conectar este equipamento, pois está coberto com quase todas as formas de ligaçao a tvs ou a pcs.

    Dec 06,2018

  • Heather Johnson
    There are many channels offered, many of the channels have Chinese subtitles, my family and I can enjoy many movies and TV shows together

    Oct 17,2018

  • Tiffany S
    While the instructions are a little weak, the remote worked from across the room and was not necessarily pointed directly at the device

    Jul 28,2018

  • TwikieWonder
    Great - speedy turn on and off and picture quality is good, appeared to have less add on apps than previous versions unblock box

    Sep 05,2018

  • Rachel B. Ramey (blogger/author)
    Very responsive technical support ; I bought one for my mom, the device is very easy to use especially for senior citizens

    Aug 14,2018