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  • Shalala
    These are to be used for hair ribbons and decorative head bands and they are the appropriate weight for that,the quality of the ribbons is nice and a good value to what I would have to pay for them by the yard

    Dec 03,2017

  • Keith Mathison
    This is a super deal if you need grosgrain ribbon for gifts or sewing projects,the quality was much better than I was expecting,the colors were beautiful,great price and would order again

    Sep 05,2018

  • J. Gon
    I didn't think the reviews of the tiny bells could be that bad ... but they really are so tiny that they are nearly unusable,the other bells worked great for the kids' school craft

    Feb 01,2018

  • Samuel R. Fowler
    Nice color collection of ribbons to have on hand for crafting ; especially for those living rurally without quick fabric store access,some where way to short

    Dec 20,2017

  • J. Slater Jr.
    Can't fit ribbon through small bells,the colors are clear and bright,it was cheap so it's still a great purchase

    Jun 02,2018

  • Spends too much (time) online
    My fault for not reading through but these are small and not worth the price,nicely painted and good quality

    Feb 17,2018

  • Tony Ruth
    Some of the bells were way too small,it was not only smaller than I expected and the quality being manageable

    Feb 13,2018

  • Shane Williams
    These are nice and fun to make jewelry with,i think they are a good value for the cost

    May 27,2018

  • G. Shelton
    Lots of bells but due to the size are not very loud - still cute with good colors

    May 15,2018

  • WC
    These are perfect to have on hand when needed with all the different colors

    Apr 01,2018