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  • Babisko
    don't work
    good evening! I bought a camera from you, came quickly, the packaging was in good condition, but there was a problem when connecting ... after turning on the power, you need to hold down the reset button and hold it until the beep sounds, but no matter how much I hold, nothing happens! video attached

    Nov 25,2018

  • Nuno
    This is the best of the xiaomi security cameras for now
    This is one of the best cameras also with a voice assistant based on XiaoAI in Mandarin for now and also with a function of gateway BLE also with a video conference function you can also view te comparative video including this camera on bellow

    Jun 23,2019

  • Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P
    Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P
    Excelente produto, tanto na qualidade da imagem (foto e vídeo) quanto no zoom. Não perde qualidade. O áudio deixa um pouco a desejar. Mas tem um problema sério pra conectar com o servidor. Existe grande dificuldade de se manter conectado com o servidor. Espero que melhorem essa conexão.

    Sep 11,2019