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  • David Rogers
    TinyHawk is Awesome!
    So I write reviews based on how I like the product. Even if it has faults but still performs great in most areas then I’ll give it a high review. I really like the Emax Tinyhawk. It’s performs very well for a 1s copter. The frame is pretty durable but it still can break if you hit something hard enough, the motor/duct supports are kind of thin and can only flex so much. The camera isn’t the best, it works and you can still fly with it but would have been nice of them to put a better cam in. The motors are great! This has enough power to fly outside in light/mild wind where brushed whoops have a hard time. The props are great and will take some abuse, I’ve had a couple pop off from hard crashes but have not broke any yet. I have seen two broken props so far on social media and all I can say is they crashed hard for that to happen. Also turtle mode doesn’t really work cause the props don’t produce enough thrust when reversed, you might get lucky here and there but in most cases it doesn’t work. Have heard they are making new props for this that will work with turtle mode. The fun factor with this out weights the faults and that’s why I gave it 5 stars. If you’re looking for an indoor ripper consider the Emax TinyHawk!

    Dec 02,2018

  • Mazleajizul Hj Ramlee
    1. Fast shipping
    2. Good packaging
    3. Tinyhawk flies very very good.

    Owned various 1S quad. Bat100, Snapper 7 & URAV65. Tinyhawk out performs all.

    Dec 14,2018

  • ok
    EMAX TINYHAWK 600TVL Camera Brushless Racing RC Drone
    One of the best 1S FPV whoops you will ever put your hands on. EMAX does know how to make good FPV Whoops.

    Jul 02,2019

  • moka ice
    my first emax tiny hawk
    this is my first emax tiny hawk and it have taken thousands of crashes thru my learning stages of flying fpv. The flight is buttery smooth. I bought a second one cos this one is my spare

    Jun 20,2019

  • moka ice
    This is the best 1s brushless Drone
    This is the best 1s brushless drone I ever had. With the ability to customize the pids thru betaflight,I'm really happy with the performance

    Jun 19,2019

  • Peter
    emax tinyhawk
    la calidad de este drone es muy buena. trae una mochila de transporte perfecta. aun no lo he probado en vuelo pero todo indica que el aparato en general es muy bueno. existen helices de 4 palas para mejorarlo. recomendado.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Pereira
    Tiny Hawk Best 1s quad!!
    Best beginner quad and kit!
    The quad can andle a lot of crash and still fly very nice
    The only thing is the camera pop out some times, but if you put something on top of the camera its fix

    Feb 19,2019

  • Vinsecat
    Tinyhawk Emax.....1s pure power.....more resistant at the crash unique problem is remapping channel after binding because with frsky and jumper t8sg not communicate well!!

    Dec 30,2018

  • Harry Goes
    Faltou só embalar melhor.
    Muito bom, faltou só embalar em uma caixa. Enviaram a encomenda apenas no case. Ele serviu de apoio em outras encomendas e entortou pouca coisa.

    Apr 13,2019