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    Merhaba ,
    Ürün gerçekten çok kaliteli.
    Aracın camına elektrostatik dediğim cam filmi tutunuyor böylelikle yapışkan ve bant kullanmıyorsunuz istediğiniz zaman cam da leke yapmadan sökebilirsiniz.
    wifi ile telefonunuza bağlıyor 70mai uygulaması üzerinden anlık görüntüyü alabiliyor kayıt oynatıp silebiliyorsunuz . bunun yanı sıra sesli komut ile ekranı kapatıp acabiliyor anlık foto ve acil video çekebiliyor ayrı klasörlere kaydetmesini sağlıyorsunuz .
    kutu içerisinden çıkan 12v çakmaklık girişinde 2 adet çıkış bulunuyor kırmızı kare ile belirtilen yere kamerayı diğerine telefon vs bağlayabiliyor şarj edebiliyorsunuz.
    bunun yanı sıra montaj için gerekli olan ve ihtiyacınızı giderecek plastik apart ta kutu içerisinde geliyor.
    çektiği video kalitesi muazzam . 1 dakikada yaklaşık 160 mb görüntü çekiyor. 16gb ve 64gb arası micro sd kart destekliyor.
    adas sistemi için gps gerekli mutlaka onu da alacağım .
    teşekkür ediyorum .

    Jan 17,2019

  • Dan
    Great camera for the price!
    This is a great camera for the price! Installation was a breeze, instructions are included on how to install step by step. Passing the wire is also easy and a plastic spatula is included to help lift trims to pass the wire.

    Cigarette usb is dual so it allows to charge phone as well.

    Picture quality is great even at night. Number plates are easily identified. Voice recognition is very accurate and responds immediately. The version shipped was the English version.

    GPS attachment also works good. Vehicle movements and lane departure are immediately notified. Lane departure does trigger for no reason sometimes though.

    Also, parking videos (when available) are immediately notified when the camera starts.

    For the mobile app, use the play store (for android) and not the one with the QR code. Wireless transfer of images and video are very easy using the app.

    Mar 21,2019

  • Zhu wu
    Great price
    I bought this dash cam because i have seen this on indiegogo and I am one of the thousands who were able to get this first direct from the distributors. When it finally arrived, I installed it to my Santa Fe and it was awesome because it's not hard to install . Just follow the instructions and boom, walla it's working. When I started my car and got out of my garage it started recording and even when it's parked it is still recording specially when it occurs a sudden bump on your car. The clips are very clear. That is why I am so happy buying a second one and install it on my other car. That is why I
    recommend this dash cam to anyone who wants to have a dash cam on their car.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Janak
    well designed camera for car
    Hello friend
    This product arrived at my home by local postal service (indian post) after 20 days. (if you are from India and purchase products from Chinese website I recommend you to purchase products below value of 5000INR or First apply for import export code and then purchase high value goods and use DHL express shipping otherwise indian customs may charge you penalty)
    about this camera
    this camera is good looking and very well designed, in package we got camera, charging cable, car charger, camera quality is average. Not great as I expected.

    Jan 25,2019

  • Peter Leanka
    fantastic chose
    so many to write about this cam .

    I will start with negative . I almost forgot that I ordered it . it too long to come to Greece.

    but positive are so much more. it came in good condition .

    I love the fact that I can use phone to check videos photos etc.

    the fact that u can use voice comand while you drive it's really nice and helpful .

    quality during day it's amazing . colors etc. I use it one day so I hope nothing will change next days . I can't say that it's so good during night .

    installation on my seat Ibiza tdi 2013 was easy.

    worth to buy it for front dash cam .

    Sep 03,2019

  • Daniel Lemus
    Excellent article
    I have been testing the quality of the image and I have to say that they are very good, because the quality of the video deteriorates due to the fact that You tube lowers the quality and added to that my windshield creates a reflection that does not help appreciate the clarity of the imegen, in summary is an excellent camera at a great price and that is easy to use, install and link to the mobile phone because the application is already in Google play, I think this is a very good purchase and will help you a lot when you have a problem

    Mar 05,2019

  • Olesya
    70mai D02 даш камера Pro 1944P
    Хороший регистратор отлично снимающий в темное время суток. Удобное размещение за водительским зеркалом не заметно снаружи авто . Очень ценная функция запись видео на парковке от удара. Передача видео на телефон через фирменное приложение 70mai очень удобно и не надо карту доставать из регистратора. Из минусов только запись звука включающаяся с непонятным щелчком. Главное качественная видеозапись в ночное время очень полезно записывающая пешеходов выскакивающих из за припаркованного транспорта.

    Feb 02,2020

  • 70mai Dash Cam Pro - great with a GPS module
    Probably one of the smartest dash cams available
    I ordered 70mai smart dash camera with a gps module on 23/11/2018. They sent it in 2 packages (split delivery). The order arrived in Slovakia on 22/01/2019; that means it lasted 2 months. The prize of the cam with GPS module was unbeatable.
    Using the camera together with a smartphone is really comfortable. You can make photos by a phone and you can set the device through app. ADS function needs calibration. The quality of video is great. Manuals and the user interface are in English

    Feb 02,2019

  • Francisco Ferreira
    Great Dash Cam
    Great images, both in day time and night time. The WiFi feature is very helpful and allows you to control the settings and download to your smartphone all of the saved data from the Video and pictures gallery. Great response to voice control.
    Highly recommended

    The GPS module however can’t seem to connect properly.... but it might be that I haven’t yet had the time to through the installation manual properly

    Jan 29,2019

  • Andy.R
    Super Dashcam 70 mai pro
    Dash lässt sich ohne Probleme an der Windscheibe fixieren,Kabel ist ausreichend lang für die Mittelkonsole ,für die Armlehnen-Ablage (Mazda 3) knapp .Einstellungen am besten über die App machen(mehr Möglichkeiten ). Aufnahmen werden im 1. Minutenrhytmus (meiner Meinung nach Deutschland-konform)geschrieben und sind ausgezeichnet. Verarbeitung und endgültige Speicherung der Aufnahmen erfolgt bei der einlegter Micro-SD Karte (betriebsnotwendig,kein eingebauter Speicher)über die App auf Telefon und Tablet bzw. durch Entnahme der Micro-Sd. Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden.

    Jan 27,2019