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Gocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet
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Gocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet

- Battleship Grey

Multiple Interface, Wide Compatibilitate, de mare viteză, de înaltă definiție
4.43 7 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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Gocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Descrieri

Adaptor pentru hub USB-C Gocomma 8 în 1 cu USB3.0 x 3, 4K HDMI, port Ethernet 1000M
Caracteristici principale
● 8 interfață bogată: 1 x HDMI (4k x 2k) + 1 x SD + 1 x PD (Protocol de interfață tip C pentru încărcarea rapidă a laptopului sau telefonului mobil) + 3 x USB3.0 + 1 x RJ45 1000M Port Ethernet + 1 x TF
● Acest convertor poate suporta și hub HDMI / PD / USB și port de încărcare în același timp
● Interfață HDMI 4K, flux video 4K de mare viteză, de înaltă definiție
● 3 USB3.0 bogate, compatibile înapoi cu 2.1 / 2.0, garantează viteza de transmisie și cerințele de utilizare
● Port Ethernet de 1000 M, compatibil înapoi cu viteza de rețea 100M, atât timp cât există o conexiune Ethernet, puteți accesa un Internet fiabil de 1 Gbps
● Pentru laptopuri cu interfețe Type-C sau Thunderbolt 3, cum ar fi MacBook, Chromebook XPS13



Marca: Gocomma
Tip: butuc
Material: Aliaj de aluminiu
Compatibil cu: macbook,Caiet,Xbox
Interfață: HDMI,PD,RJ45,Slot pentru carduri SD,N2M,USB 3.0,USB tip-C
Video: 1080P HD
Tip conector: Tipul C

Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 0,0670 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,1100 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 15,50 x 6,50 x 2,00 cm / 6,1 x 2,56 x 0,79 țoli
Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 16,00 x 8,00 x 2,50 cm / 6,3 x 3,15 x 0,98 țoli

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x Hub
Gocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet- Battleship GreyGocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet- Battleship GreyGocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet- Battleship GreyGocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet- Battleship GreyGocomma 8-in-1 USB C Hub Adaptor cu PD USB 3.0 4K HDMI 1000M Port Ethernet- Battleship Grey

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.43 out of 5
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  • Zona Kitty
    Perfect storage for pictures and videos
    I know that this kind of products are not very cheap , but the money spent on it are worth it . Very excited to have this decide , able to support multiple devices , great 8-in-1 USB C Adapter with 4K HDMI, it has USB 3.0 ports. Actually , my husband bought it because he Wants to update our phones and we both have more than 20k pictures , which is crazy , and this was the only solution . So excited we are going to transfer all our family photos and videos ( some of them very large files) and they are going to be in a safe place . Very content with the product and that has justified the price , I’ll give them the 5 stars

    Sep 11,2019

  • cguiotto
    Support PD Charging ? Maybe yes, maybe not.
    The HDMI and Ethernet connection is fine, I tested at 2K but I am pretty sure that it will works at 4K as well . The PD charging support instead, do not works as I expected:
    With the PD charger directly connected to my laptop the power red light near to the connector is lit, and the voltage is 20V fast charge. When I put the adapter ( with the same USB-C cable to avoid any difference in cabling ) the power red light is OFF but the laptop still charge at 5v . I don't know if this is a problem due to my laptop or the adapter is not PD compliant.
    I have just described what's happening.
    Attached are some pictures that better self explain than any word.

    Jan 02,2020

  • Andre Broad
    Super versatile and great for travel!
    I travel for work quite a bit and have a Macbook Pro that only has USB-C ports. I’ve been wanting to get an adapter like this which would allow me to connect a wide variety of things to my laptop. This is perfect for that. I was really surprised by how compact it was and having the ethernet port was a nice bonus as most of these type of adapters did not have it. I think I will get quite a bit of use out of this and will update my review accordingly with my experience later on.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Conrad Christian
    Amazing hub, definitely worth the price
    I use my Macbook at home and at work, so I like to have a USB-C hub at each location, connected to my monitors and keyboard/mouse. When I go from work to home, I simply unplug from my hub at home, then plug into my hub at work when I arrive.
    This hub works very well. The power throughput is great, allowing me to charge my laptop as fast as it would without a hub. I have a 4k monitor plugged into the HDMI port and have had no issues with getting proper video display through the hub.

    Sep 02,2019

  • Kim Daniell
    Worth the money!
    I decided to try it with my Samsung 9 Note phone. It seemed to work as a DEX dock.Very impressed with this adapter, works great, speed is very fast. The material looks really great, slim and light weight so it is easy to carry around. Overall, I am very happy with it!

    Sep 11,2019

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