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  • Sue F.
    Couldn't imagine my kitchen without my instant pot,have had to modify recipes due to the fact the pressure can take flavor out of food,it has inspired me to create my own recipes

    Jul 12,2018

  • Mike R.
    This is the first time I have ever owned a pressure cooker of any type,this instant pot electric pressure cooker is a no-brainer to use and the food comes out very tasty

    Sep 16,2018

  • Reviewer
    It saves me so much time,i also cook dinner in it a few times a week,my crockpot broke and I am so glad I went to this pressure cooker instead of back to another crockpot

    Aug 15,2018

  • kneeldug
    I love my instant pot,in the last few months it has become a constant in my kitchen,often using just the instant pot,gone from sporadic use to using it almost daily

    Jun 11,2018

  • Shannon K
    I am really enjoying cooking with my new instant pot,i have always feared the old stovetop pressure cookers but the instant pot eases those fears

    Aug 06,2018

  • chelsea parr
    Meats taste a little better if done in a crock pot but there is not a big difference and the faster time is worth it to me in using the instant pot

    May 23,2018

  • Dwayne Barnett
    The packaging was great and the internal metal cooking pot was very substantial,works exactly as advertised and would recommend

    May 05,2018

  • kourtney weaver
    We are vegan and this pot is my new love,being able to program it so that steel cut oats are ready when we wake up is my favorite

    Jul 08,2018

  • Amee Young
    I wish I would have known more about instant pot before I bought this,i assumed all instant pots cooked yogurt

    Sep 22,2018

  • mark0282
    Cook two items and you are now an instant pot pro,just added six-minutes to the cook time and came out perfect

    Jun 15,2018