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BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone
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BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone

- Negru și albastru PNP

5.8G 650TVL CCD / OMNIBUS F3 Pro FC cu OSD / 4-in-1 BLHeli - S 30A DShot ESC
4.65 72 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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BFight 210 210mm FPV are o structură curată, ușurință în întreținere și reglarea la distanță a frecvenței / benzii. Controlerul de zbor și emițătorul video sunt separate, ceea ce este benefic pentru disiparea căldurii și performanțele ridicate. Multirotorul are patru brațe independente, ceea ce face convenabil înlocuirea oricăruia dintre ele. Mai important, dacă receptorul acceptă SBUS, vă este permis să schimbați frecvența / banda direct cu transmițătorul radio în mână. Cu BFight 210, cursele FPV sunt cu siguranță mai plăcute.

Caracteristici principale:
● Structură îngustă și disipare bună a căldurii cu 3 plăci PCB ale controlerului de zbor, ESC 4-în-1 și emițător video în centru
● Șasiul fibrei de carbon de 3 kg, de 3 mm, ultra gros, constă din 4 brațe independente, ceea ce sporește ușurința întreținerii
● BLHeli-S 30A ESC 4-în-1 sprijină funcțiile Oneshot, Multishot, cele mai recente semnale digitale DShot, precum și actualizările firmware-ului
● FPV în timp real de 5.8G 40CH, cu cameră CCD MICRON, interval de transmisie de imagine de 1km, reglarea de la distanță a benzii de frecvență / bandă (este necesar suport SBUS pentru receptor)

Ampatament: 210 mm
Greutate: 267g
Dimensiune: 178 x 178 x 38mm (nu include elice)
Material cadru: fibră de carbon 3K
Grosimea plăcii inferioare: 4mm
Grosimea superioară a plăcii: 1,5 mm
Regulator de zbor: OMNIBUS F3 Pro cu OSD
Motor fără perii: F2205 2300KV
Brushless ESC: 4-în-1 BLHeli - S 30A
Propulsor: Gemfan 5152 cu trei labe
Camera foto: HS1177, 650TVL (alb-negru), 600TVL (color)
Senzor de imagine: CCD de 1/3 inch Super HAD II
Emițător video: 5.8G 40CH 25mW / 200mW
Alimentare: 11,1 - 14,8 V (3 - 4S LiPo)

OMNIBUS F3 Pro Flight Controller
Procesor: MCU STM32F303
Barometru: BMP280
BEC integrat: da
Card micro SD acceptat: până la 32 GB

4-în-1 BLHeli-S 30A ESC
Procesor principal: EFM8BB2F16G
Driver: FD6288 MOSFET
Upgradabil: da
Curent continuu: 4 x 30A
Curent de rupere: 4 x 35A

Camera 960H
Senzor de imagine: CCD de 1 / 2,7 inch
Rezoluție: D1, 960H
Lentila: 2,5 mm
Sistem TV: PAL / NTSC (reglabil prin OSD)
Min. iluminare: 0.001 lux
Alimentare: 5 - 17V DC

Faceți clic aici pentru a afla mai multe despre rezoluție.
Faceți clic aici pentru a descărca manualul de utilizare al camerei FPV.

Versiuni diferite:
PNP: fără receptor
BNF DSMX: include receptorul DSMX Pro compatibil cu protocolul DSM2 și DSMX. 500m primi distanța
BNF FrSky: include receptor FrSky Pro cu 8 canale, compatibil cu modul D8, suport SBUS (implicit) și PPM. 500m primi distanța
BNF FLYSKY AFHDS: include receptorul FLYSKY AFHDS PPM, compatibil cu transmițătorul AFHDS. 500m primi distanța
BNF FLYSKY AFHDS 2A: include receptorul FLYSKY AFHDS 2A, compatibil cu transmițătorul AFHDS 2A. 500m primi distanța

Culorile (negru, albastru, rosu, roz și transparent) ale setului de elice vor fi expediate aleator.



Tip: Set de cadre
Versiune: PNP


Model: F2205
Tipul motorului: Motor fără perii
KV: 2300

Controlor de zbor

Tip de controler de zbor: F3

aparat foto

Rezoluție video: D1, 960H
Senzor: CCD

Controler electronic de viteză

Firmware: BLHeli-S
funcţii: DShot150,DShot300,DShot600,Multishot,Oneshot125,Oneshot42

Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 0,2670 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,5200 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 17,80 x 17,80 x 3,80 cm / 7,01 x 7,01 x 1,5 țoli
Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 26,00 x 20,00 x 7,00 cm / 10,24 x 7,87 x 2,76 țoli

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x Drone, 4 x elice de rezervă, 1 x curea pentru acumulator
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP
BFight 210 210mm fără perii FPV Racing Drone- Negru și albastru PNP

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.65 out of 5
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    Da (2) Culoare: Black and Blue Dimensiune: BNF FRSKY
    I like it.
    Ok they must have fixed all the issues with this one. Mine come with Frysky xm+ receiver bind on D16 so the document needs to be updated. There was no wire out of place like the older models. Mine also is not just one full frame peice , you can swap the arms. Flys like a champ. Flash props even. At this price it's a deal...
    Like to seen a micro cam on it but the stock cam will do great..

    Apr 24,2018

  • Bfight 210
    Da (2) Culoare: Black and Blue Dimensiune: BNF FLYSKY AFHDS 2A
    a really nice 210mm drone
    I am loving this drone !! it's great !! for the price I paid this drone is perfect for 210mm size, he is great for freestyle and HD filming with a small camera mounted on top of it, he has great punch, great precision and is really stable
    the camera could be better/lighter, and the receiver is not great, the antenna is really short and the range is not really good, needs an upgrade with a better one

    Feb 15,2018

  • Dacruze
    Da (0) Culoare: Black and Blue Dimensiune: PNP
    Not too bad.
    Not a bad drone. It’s a ready to fly purchase, for cheap. You get what you pay for. I’m sure I’ll figure that out myself as well. I received it within about 3 weeks. The packaging could have been a little better. Came in a generic cardboard box, no graphics, and foam holding the drone. It has instructions on various parts but not a parts list with specific part models in case of replacement. I bought the pnp no receiver option. It’s smaller than you think. Came with gemfan props, clear and black (mine did). Once I get it in the air, I’ll be able to see more about how well it flies. It’s just something to get me in the air for now.

    Pro: price. Small. Looks well built and frame isn’t too heavy/clunky. Clean wire management. On screen display.

    Con: it’s got a small bay for your stack. Which in turn makes the top and bottom plate also small. So you can either mount a battery on top. Or a go pro on top but battery on the bottom. No room to put both on top. Also battery straps included were super cheap, and small. But that is also because another con, they gave you practically no room to feed a strap through for the battery or an action camera. Also the fpv cam sticks out of the stack bay; so if you hit a pole or something that will get between the two front arms and get to the camera; it’ll most like break the camera or at least severely damage it. I would replace with a micro cam.

    Would recommend for a friend for sure though.

    Jan 13,2019

  • Lee
    Da (1) Culoare: Black and Blue Dimensiune: BNF FRSKY
    I like my BFight 210
    I was flying my quad in the park yesterday and sometimes I admit I fly in the streets in traffic. This is in a public park where tons of pedestrians walk interspersed with vehicle traffic and nobody seems to mind us playing with our toy drones in the park. Well, some ahole was driving and I pulled my quad in front of his truck preparing to get out of his was by pitching forward and throttling up to achieve maximum speed. This guy hit the gas and ran his bumber into my quad. This was a big Toyota Tacoma and I know that he saw it before hitting it therefore he did this on purpose because he's a jerk, because we had words after and he actually apologized for what he did. Since he did apologize, I just let him leave the park. My BFight survived the encounter intact so I'm not gonna hurt this prick. The quad flies smooth as hell and it's pretty fast too. I suppose the pickup truck hitting the damn thing (and it surviving without a scratch) speaks to durability as well. I can recommend this as a second quad for those who are already hooked. It is a step in the right direction for noobs advancing on to intermediate pilot status! Like me!!!
    It was hard to hit the bind button. I used a stick.

    Jul 16,2018

  • Stefan
    Da (2) Culoare: Black and Blue Dimensiune: BNF FRSKY
    Great FPV racer for beginners
    This is my 2nd racequad and I am absolutely impressed. Great quality, ligthweight build and good components. Only thing you have to change is the receiver when you fly with FrSky. The built in receiver ist just one for Tinys and has a maximum range of around 100m. Got a few failsaves on my maiden flight. Changed the receiver to a XM+ and now I have great range. Just fun to fly this one around. Unfortunately I broke my camera lens on one of the first crashes but that was no fault of the quad. Great quad for beginners of FPV flying as it is quite durable and very light.
    FrSky receiver is not suitable for a quad like this. With only 100m range you should change it.

    Jan 16,2018

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Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

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