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  • kk102
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Great headset for great price!
    I have been using Bluedio HT Turbine headset for over 1,5 years now. What is great:- Extraordinary Battery life! While not using it very often single charge let me use it for a month!- Good sound while listening to the music. Not astonishing but good and pretty detailed. Enough volume and bass.- Reliability, they just work great all the time, - Very good quality of workanship! Very good materials! There is virtually no wornout after ,5 years of usage. - Easy and stable bloototh pairing with PC, HTC One, IPhone 7, Android TV. What is NOT great:- Volume-down-key is not popping out when you press it. But it works fine except that you don't feel a click while press/release it. It might have happen when I tried to revert Headset to English after it switched to Chineese. Fortunatelly there are hints on Youtube how to do it .- the headset is not very comfortable while using for longer than 2-3h. The ears are pressed slightly to much and ther is no pressure regulation.- while calling - the voice from microphone is just an average quality, nothing more. Overall, this Bluedio HT Turbine headset is a very good product. It doesn't have active noise cancellation but it is definitely woth the money.

    Nov 26,2018

  • Gytis
    Da (2) Culoare: White
    Just buy it
    They do look much better than expected. Really, i was amazed of the build quality. I unpacked it at work, nobody believed me when i've told the price. It is perfect++ build quality. I bought white one. They do look like from other world, snow white. It's not a gadget, it's an accessorie. Thought - it's really snow white, not sure how long it'll be, not sure thenever it wasn't a mistake to buy white. Consider that. But they DO LOOK AWESOME. Sound quality - 95%. Before i've been using a Parot's and Beats. It's 250-350$ range headphones. So those has a tiny bit better bass feeling. But that's my experience. Can't say a bad word about these, it's first time when I buy from GB and im totally blown away by what i've get. Ease-of-use? no problem there, simple like plug'n'play. I write lot's of negative feedbacks, but here is just something amazingly great. When you've paid for an "ok" thing.
    Consider if white is practical. No more.

    Jan 11,2017

  • ThanassisKalv
    Da (1) Culoare: White
    My first Gearbest Headset - Bluedio HT H Bluetooth
    It's my first headset bought from this brand and my first ever from Gearbest.I am very happy with the build quality, it's plastic but it feels beatiful and robust.So far the sound quality seems very pleasant and the bass too, I should point out that the noise-cancelling is really effective (you really get isolated from any external sound).I have been using this both with tha jack connector and the bluetooth paired with my smartphone, the functionalities are pretty useful!I should notice that in this price range I could never image buying anything even close to this from local e-shops....

    Nov 19,2018

  • Bluedio HT H - Turbine Bluetooth Headset - BLACK
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Bluedio HT H - Turbine Bluetooth Headset - BLACK
    Słuchawki za te pieniądze są absolutnie genialne!Kupiłem je po zbiciu punktami za 60zł.Mają świetny zasięg (spokojnie łącze się z moim xiaomi redmi note 3 na siłowni w odległości do 15 metrów)Jakość dzwięku jest wręcz niespodziewanie dobra :)Jakość wykonania słuchawek jest również ok. Bateria trzyma bardzo długo bo od miesiąca kiedy mam te słuchawki ładowałem je dopiero 2 razy. W zestawie jest też kabel aux który służył mi do łączenia się z laptopem oraz telefonu z radiem samochodowym oraz kabel micro usb.
    Moje wrażenia są tylko pozytywne . Świetnie jeździ mi się z tymi słuchawkami na rowerze i ćwiczy na siłowni . Jest to jeden z najlepszych zakupów jaki udało mi się zrobić w Chinach.

    Jun 09,2018

  • JackPie
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Very nice headset
    Very nice headset. Good relation price/quality. Delivery time as described. Only problem that i noticed is problem with volume in youtube app - when i pause and play again sometimes i do not hear anything. I have to volume up or down or even restart the video to hear something. Anyway very good headphones, good battery time, plastics could be better but for this price i do not complain. Sound is deep and nice. Do not work with ps4 pro but i bought dongle for it (on picture).

    Oct 29,2018

  • Vasil Atanasov
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Bluedio HT Bluetooth Headset
    Very good quality of made. Clear and strong sound. Very good distance of coverage. Build in microphone is with good quality and give you option for voice call. Easy connection with computer or mobile device (phone, tablet and etc.). With build in switch you can change songs and play/pause, work with computer players and mobile phones. With power button you can accept or reject phone calls. I`m satisfied!

    Mar 22,2017

  • dionne
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    After the raving reviews I had high expectations so was disappointed however that aside they seem quite loud, they fit well not small like one person suggested very easy to use I like that they have a wire or can be wireless, person on the other hand it could be my phone as I did not test it out on my Samsung but on my Hapai brought from this site also. I am not disappointed but I am not over the mood however or the price I think it is a good buy so I am happy headphones look exactly like picture. Headphones are very light in weight
    head phone is not as loud as i thought it would be

    Jan 03,2015

  • Ashok Kumar Modi
    Da (0) Culoare: White
    Mind blowing sound.. Just Wow
    Ten stars if I could...headphones are freaking awesome,Great price, great quality,great bass,mid range and clear.I really don't think the $400.00 Bose headphones sound any better....I've listened to them (Bose) in store and this Bluedio set is just as good AND a whole lot cheaper. Thanks Bluedio.. Thanks GearBest.I paid 8 USD custom to receive it and can’t enjoy discount..

    Sep 11,2018

  • Gilson José da Silva
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Som de primeira, alto e limpo, grave maravilhoso!
    Excelente headset! Pelo preço que paguei posso dizer que o produto me surpreendeu positivamente. Esse headset apresenta bons agudos e graves, não há distorções, muito bom para ouvir músicas e assistir filmes/séries com boa qualidade de áudio. A bateria dura muito mesmo, fiquei impressionado com a durabilidade. A construção parece ser resistente, tenho a impressão de que irá durar bastante tempo. O design também é de bom gosto. Enfim, até o momento está me atendendo perfeitamente. Porém, nem tudo é perfeito, pois percebi que o uso de um tempo superior a 1h, já começa a incomodar (doer) a orelha. Obrigado por enviar com rapidez, Gearbest :)

    Jun 28,2019

  • Anthony Arrey
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Never judge a book by its cover!!
    When they first arrived, I must admit that I was really skeptical. I thought I would've been better off buying a more expensive pair or going with a brand name. Anyway, I decided to go for broke and the price was reasonable anyway. First off, these headphones are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and the design looks outstanding. Really impressive. But it ges even better: the overall sound clarity and depth is superb - really great for such a small price. Top notch quality at a great price.
    Zero problems with these bad boys!!

    Oct 17,2014