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  • gsingh
    I had a `` ring'' adhered to the back of my phone and it changed positions often - - on its own, I have a bigger phone so it has additional weight and there is still not a problem, It was a very good price especially for how well it performs

    Jun 24,2018

  • Darcy Vawser
    This product is absolutely outstanding, It is perfect for FaceTime or seeing the phone when alerts or notifications comes on rather having laying flat on surface as you would have to pick it up to view the screen

    Jan 18,2018

  • Drumind11
    These are beautiful lil stands they make everything look modern and upscale I like that !!! The colors are well chosen and the best addition to the updated version is obviously the ability to adjust it

    Oct 10,2018

  • A. Conner
    with small pads that are soft up against the phone, The angle is adjustable, and it is high enough off the desk to be able to plug in the phone while it is on the stand

    May 27,2018

  • Areli Torres
    Awesome phone stand !! Seems high quality and is very sturdy, I love how easy it is to adjust the angle and the rubber areas provide a nice cushion for your device

    Aug 17,2018

  • ssquire
    The adjustable hinge is stiff enough that it doesn't move when I'm placing my phone on it, I would prefer a clean all black look, Overall addition to my desk

    Oct 09,2018

  • D. Vastrick
    The only small critique I would have is that the logo on the product is a little large on the bottom portion of the stand

    Jan 30,2018

  • Heather Bailey
    The angle is easy to adjust but tight enough so it doesn't move on it's own, this is a good solution

    Apr 15,2018

  • Zand05
    this one is made of excellent quality and works perfectly with both my cellphone and my iPad

    Jun 06,2018

  • Florida Girl
    I'm so glad that I got this amazing gadget and will probably get more at some point

    Oct 22,2018