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  • Phoenix Rainwalker
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 41
    I am an absolute Crocs fanatic and hate closed toed shoes because they hurt my toenail, I believe to have plantar fasciitis and overweight so Crocs is the only shoe I wear as my feet can't handle a hard sole or a thin sole, I even tried other shoes with the crocs insole and because of its thickness it wouldn't work !!! So I finally came across this beauty, The material is soft on my toenail so it doesn't damage it, My left foot is a little snug but that's not because of the shoe itself and it's manageable, The insole is very good alone

    Jul 05,2018

  • MB Seattle
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 42
    casual shoes that are shaped like my feet so that I don't trip over the toe fronts of an extra large size -LRB- clown shoes -RRB- in order to accommodate the width of my toes, I never crunched my toes or feet with high heel shoes so my toes require a reasonable width, I purchased a normal width, I can wiggle and curl my toes in them and they look neat and attractive, These shoes are not athletic shoes as there is minimal support for your arch and not much cushion

    Sep 12,2018

  • Allison Hardman
    Da (5) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 42
    I bought these shoes to replace an old pair of Sketecher boat shoes, but I was a little disappointed that the foot bed wasn't as soft and squishy as other Sanuk shoes and flip flops I have tried, They are good enough comfort wise -- a basic flat tennis shoe with no support, I probably wouldn't wear them for any extensive walking, Fit was good

    Jun 10,2018

  • Shayne P.
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 41
    the shoe ran a half size small, The toe of the shoe was more pointed than it appeared in the picture, The color was exactly what I expected -LRB- taupe -RRB- and the quality looked very nice, It could use a bit more cushion for the comfort of casual wear, My foot is wide and this shoe fits good, Super cute shoes and they seem like great quality

    Aug 19,2018

  • Branne
    Da (0) Culoare: Brown Dimensiune: 44
    it takes time before I'm able to wear a new pair of shoes all day, Adequate arch support and buttery soft leather make these especially attractive for me, I have very flat feet, and there is excellent support, The classic look matches almost everything in my work wardrobe, I would like to try other styles from this brand

    May 12,2018

  • Philip Robertson
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 42
    I ordered a little smaller than my regular size because my old pair of Sanuks stretched so much, They are definitely a little tighter than other styles of Sanuks and do not have very much stretch if any, The original style is more comfy to me but the seller was great and everything came as expected and on time

    Apr 12,2018

  • eyeless heretic
    Da (0) Culoare: Brown Dimensiune: 42
    These are great shoes for the price, The synthetic material is more flexible or squishy than a traditional synthetic leather, My son loves the little pebble treads on the bottom and found these shoes quite comfortable, I would say they run a half size large, Great shoe for the money and for a dressy occasion

    Mar 21,2018

  • Jim Kerr
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 41
    I've gone through plenty of shoes as they don't last very long when you're on your feet all day so I've gone through different brands and styles and have come to find that these cloud steppers are life saving, ordered the narrow size on accident on one of my pairs and sent them back and got refund fairly quickly

    May 21,2018

  • SpringerOKC
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 41
    These may not be the most attractive shoe, They are like walking on a cloud or like wearing a comfy pair of slippers all day, And you can wear them ALL day !! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, I'm in hot flash hell & wearing shoes makes my feet hot, If my feet are hot

    May 02,2018

  • Lovely Buttons
    Da (0) Culoare: Green Dimensiune: 42
    She loved them so much we bought her two more pairs in different colors, She wears these and can walk around all day without experiencing any foot/leg pain due to the incredible insole, I think she is going to get rid of all her other `` comfy'' shoes now that she has found these

    Apr 22,2018