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  • Vasile
    great quality
    Great build quality and materials. Everything clicks together smoothly and the finish on the sensors is just satisfying. Good instructions included in each box (pause the video to read in full). I wish the gateway was a different shape though, as it is it takes up an entire wall outlet or several positions on any extender. The gateway is to be installed first in the app, and then the gateway will add the sensors one by one. Batteries are already installed, I just needed to remove the plastic tabs to get the sensors to turn on. Watch my video for a closer view of the items included in this kit and how they work. I purchased this kit as VIP deal, with a very good price after applying a coupon bought with GB points. When on sale, it is really worth the money.

    May 09,2020

  • Avi Heny
    Amazing product!!
    This gateway can be used with the intelligent lock controlled by the "Smart Life" application, and added Zigbee Smart door and window magnetic sensor, can remotely monitor the opening and closing status of doors and windows in the home through the mobile phone, and can also support Amazon Alexa intelligent speakers to query the open status of doors and windows, which is very convenient and more secure.

    Mar 12,2020

  • Levy Ravi
    easy to install and set up
    We recently bought a house with a swimming pool and I was afraid that the children would go out without my knowledge. We didn't have much extra money to install hard-wired alarms on all the bottom windows and doors, so we gave it a try. These are great. They are easy to install and very loud. I like that I can turn it off when I'm in and out (such as a barbecue), and then turn it on when I'm done eating.

    Mar 13,2020

  • icefoxone
    Alfawise Home Security
    I order the Alfawise Home Security for a few reasons which are the brand name is solid and makes good products which last a long time. They are also very dependable and are well made. The package came in well packed and everything was received in great condition. I would order again from this site as I have had excellent results dealing with them.

    Mar 16,2020

  • Aggeliki Li
    easy to use and effective
    The Smart Home Security Kit consists of WiFi/Zigbee gateway, Zigbee Smart door and window magnetic sensor, Zigbee human sensor and Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor.
    1. Easy to install.
    2. Look and feel is good, they blend well in the environment.
    3. Price for value, long battery life while low power consumption.
    4.high sensitivity.

    Mar 11,2020

  • Chartrin lee
    very worth.
    Excellent value for money. compact and great design. overall very worth.

    Mar 13,2020

  • Joy Duarte
    Remote monitoring through mobile phone APP,great!

    Mar 13,2020

  • Buyer1
    works as expected, the same as in the description....

    Mar 21,2020

  • Vadym Novi
    Supported. Amazon Alexa voice speakers,nice!

    Mar 11,2020

  • Marios Gogos
    needed it!
    Very good and easy to configur.

    Mar 13,2020