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  • Mario
    great smartwatch using it on daily basis
    I really liked the smartwatch. Using it in gym tracking my HR and BP. Well, the thing I needed because right now I am trying to lose some weight so it's nice to track calories. Anyway, the battery is good if you know how to use it. Around 5 days if you don't use Bluetooth all the time and watch is connected to the app all the time. If you gonna use Bluetooth and connect to your smartphones don't think its gonna last long max 1 day then. So I just turn on Bluetooth when the day is over before sleep and you can track records for all day your HR BP and so on... And after data is registered and saved I just turn off Bluetooth and do that every day for 5 days. Then you need to charge him. But charging is fast 2h for a full battery.

    Jun 13,2019

  • Enrico
    Ho preso questo smartwatch per il prezzo è perché ne volevo uno per lavoro. La plastica è bruttina..Ma per il prezzo è per quello che offre è il massimo! monitora il cuore ogni mezzora ed è piuttosto preciso. notifiche, sveglia.. Modalità corsa, cronometro. Insomma mi piace un sacco e la carica dura quasi una settimana, in base all'utilizzo.. Ovvio.. Secondo me, sottostima i passi.. Ma ne vale la pena!! Ah.. Dimenticavo.. È pure GPS!!!

    Mar 14,2019

  • Alex.G
    Decent watch with outstanding battery life
    It's a quite decent watch considering the price paid and the battery lasts 2 weeks at least. However, I can't give it the fifth star due to BT connectivity issues I've got from time to time. When connected though, range is excellent, keeps the connection even when i'm on a different floor and the phone is left on my desk! Great vibration motor too, can even easily wake you up in the morning if you set a wake up alarm.

    Jul 29,2019

  • Karol
    The best watches for the price you have to buy in the market, the beautiful design and many features. Quick delivery. Quality, I recommend! The best watches for the price you have to buy in the market, the beautiful design and many features. Quick delivery. Quality, I recommend!

    Apr 02,2019

  • paul
    Highly recommended!
    It is incredible! I cannot beleive the extensive functionality of this watch, that I got at such a low price! Very easy to connect to my smartphone, it displays accurate readings of my vitals and is incredibly responsive. The design is sleek and slim, and is so light, you can barely tell it is on your arm. I have yet to test the sleep functions, but I am sure it will be excellent too. Highly recommended!

    May 21,2019

  • Piacevole sorpresa
    Orologio smart entry-level
    Per il prezzo pagato le mie aspettative erano moderatamente basse e, invece, mi devo piacevolmente ricredere. Lasciando perdere i materiali che, ovviamente, non possono essere top di gamma, il lato piacevole risiede tutto nelle opzioni e nel software che, per un uso non professionale, sono più che soddisfacenti. Il gps integrato è un’ altra chicca per questa fascia di prezzo. Consigliato se cercate un prodotto entry-level di buona fattura e qualità

    Mar 26,2019

  • Peter
    Alfawise T1
    good day, the goods arrived at the set time, the package was in order, includes watches, guidance and cable for charging, watches have massive and nice design, the display is well readable and all functions work like I have watches I can recommend to everybody I am satisfied with them

    Mar 30,2019

  • Ricardo
    smartwatch alfawise T1
    20 euros?!?!?!? uahauuunão podia esperar melhordesign do relógio muito bonitoqualidade dos materiais boaboa appsimplesmente impeke

    Jun 14,2019

  • Paul
    by vibration you feel that a message has come or a call is coming.
    battery capacity 240mAh . time synchronizes with the phone through the bluetooth program. conveniently that displays incoming calls. true text is visible only sms and then the beginning, But the video from what contact. by vibration you feel that a message has come or a call is coming.

    May 21,2019

  • gilad
    good smartwatch
    good watch , works fine , battery life okmy 7yr kid loved it , a suitable for adults to , i personally prefer me band 3 , but the watch is very good great value for money , recomend

    Jan 05,2019