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  • Lorenzo
    I had been thinking about buying a mechanical keyboard for a long time. The keycaps themselves are OK. Large, readable characters that are clear and unambiguous, made of reasonably good feeling material. But the sound of clicks is a little loud. When I brought it into the office people noticed a change in the sound of keystrokes, but it didn't bother anyone.

    Dec 03,2020

  • JY
    Better than I thought
    I like this keyboard and feel I made a good choice. The RGB is beautiful and it got many compliments. I do feel like the keys may be a bit smaller than the IBM but I am adjusting to it. The keycaps feel nice and solid, the click is not as loud as my previous keyboard. f you have never tried a mechanical keyboard, you could give it a try.

    Oct 16,2020

  • Michelle
    Not bad
    I honestly loved everything about this keyboard. The sound, lighting, responsiveness. With RGB, this keyboard is an eyecatcher in the office. The design and brightness are great. But if I were in a dorm room with someone else, though, I could see how this might be an issue with someone else trying to sleep, though.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Noah
    Comfortable key
    The feel is particularly good, the resilience is very good, the typing is brisk, the keys are comfortable, the quality is also very good, the typing sound is good, not noisy. Consistent with the description, the details are perfect, and the price is high. Small and exquisite, easy to carry.

    Nov 11,2020

  • Olivia
    Exquisite appearance
    The quality is very good, the appearance is exquisite and beautiful, the buttons feel good, and the response is sensitive. The RGB light is very cool, and playing games is very comfortable and smooth. I am very satisfied and like it. A very good keyboard, recommended to buy

    Oct 15,2020

  • Jack
    Hand feels good
    The keyboard is good, the hand feels good, it is comfortable to use, and the sound is not loud. The keyboard responds very sensitively and responds quickly. The RGB breathing light looks great. Very satisfied, I like it very much.

    Nov 14,2020

  • Shaw
    Great keyboard
    The appearance is atmospheric, the keyboard feels great, and the lighting effects are also good

    Oct 21,2020

  • Carlos
    Easy to use
    The keyboard sound is small and easy to use, the price is really high, and it is really good

    Sep 20,2020

  • Nick
    Good quality
    The quality is very good, the keyboard feels good, and it is very comfortable to use.

    Dec 02,2020

  • Alex
    Satisfactory keyboard
    A very satisfactory keyboard. Feels very good, and overall very satisfied

    Oct 03,2020