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  • Sergiy Kremin
    USB 3.0 hub
    USB 3.0 hub доставлено быстро, в течение двух недель. Работоспособность проверена, скорость соответствует USB 3.0. Очень нравится цена устройства. Хороший вариант для ноутбука с двумя юсб портами, в один из которых уже подключена мышка. В общем всем доволен. Всё хорошо, всё О'кей! К покупке рекомендую!

    Oct 20,2019

  • mljubas
    Excellent product for affordable price! 4 x USB 3.0 ports enables high read/write speed. Additional drivers are not needed, just plug-n-play. Lot of space for different sizes of USB sticks or cables. Made of plastic with 25 cm cable length. Works on Win/Mac/Linux.

    Jul 30,2019

  • W. Moore
    The AmazonBasics USB Type C to ethernet adapter was the perfect device to put a compact desktop back into service, my husband had recently installed a USB-C card to use an external RAID hard drive into the only available slot on the machine, it worked like any other wired adapter, speeds are good and connections are nice and snug

    Sep 22,2018

  • Giordy
    I ordered this cable because I couldn't tell for the life of me which of the supposed legit Samsung chargers weren't fake, every single one had reviews saying they were fake and others saying they weren't, on the same product

    Oct 03,2018

  • Hevyne
    Had an issue after about a year of use where the USB device would disconnect, amazing customer service by Anker, they have been a great example of how online customer service should be carried out

    Aug 30,2018

  • Nissan
    I used this adapter on a MacBook Pro USB Type C port, the adapter's cable length is just about right for what I wanted - long enough that I could get it out of my way on my work surface

    Oct 14,2018

  • Maneater
    Plug one end into a USB-C port and now you have an ethernet port you can plug into the other end to get wired ethernet on devices that are too small to have that port built-in

    Sep 24,2018

  • Jon Bishop
    This is an easy to use plug & play type adapter and it is reasonably priced, amazonBasics is a brand I have found to offer solid quality without excessive cost

    Aug 24,2018

  • KazeMizuki
    There are other hubs that will sync data AND provide a fast charge for at least one or two ports on the hub, this hub may be perfect for some

    Sep 19,2018

  • Naeha
    Low profile HUB with nice quick charge capabilities, this provides you with a lot of ports without taking up too much space on our desk

    Aug 31,2018