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  • Ray Stewart
    I had just completed some `` significant'' dental work including bridges and crowns,it was recommended by the prosthodontist who did my dental work because traditional toothbrushes do not adequately clean bridges,it is a fantastic product,my mouth is `` squeaky'' clean after each and every use,every check up I have had with my regular dentist they have commented that my mouth and teeth are so clean I hardly need any scraping and scaling with cleaning ... five minutes and they are done,it started losing the ability to hold its charge a few months ago

    Oct 14,2018

  • Giulio
    Ottime testine
    Le testine Xiaomi sono davvero efficaci ma sopratutto hanno un prezzo piuttosto economico. Questi ricambi sono originali e assolutamente affidabili per l'igiene orale quotidiana. Ottima la qualità costruttiva, le setole sono molto morbide e le testine si sostituiscono molto facilmente. Mai nessun problema. Ogni testina è chiusa in un involucro di plastica sterilizzato, elemento che non è presente in molte altre case concorrenti.Ho scelto quindi di dare 5 stelle proprio per la cura riposta in ogni dettaglio e per la qualità/affidabilità generale.Assolutamente soddisfatto di aver scelto questa marca, consigliatissime!

    May 27,2019

  • Aliza Violet
    It makes it so much easier to brush and clean my teeth,the automatic toothbrush has two speed settings and makes cleaning my teeth go so much faster in the mornings,make sure you do not leave water in your waterpik and let it drain otherwise mold and germs can develop and you don't want to put that back into your mouth,the waterpik side has a strong stream and does a great job,my dentist told me I must be taking really good care of my teeth

    Sep 01,2018

  • Alex
    Набор сменных щёток
    Хороший и вполне необходимый набор для владельца электрической зубной щетки от Xiaomi. Учитывая, что рекомендуемый срок использования одной щётки - 3 месяца, то этот набор в дополнение к одной щётке идущей в комплекте с самой электрической щёткой - целый год использования покрыт :)
    нет. Цену бы меньше, но если вовремя оказаться на распродаже, то вопрос цены отпадает. Я ждал и у меня получилось ;)

    Dec 31,2017

  • DigitalNomad
    I was a bit disappointed initially and wondered what i'm going to do with such a bulky toothbrushing set,all these feelings were gone after the first time I used it,the flosser part is wonderful,you would be amazed how much stuff stays between your teeth after brushing (and you see it all in the sink when you spit out the water),my mouth definitely feels cleaner and smoother after using this system than it did normally

    Sep 28,2018

  • smdvr67
    I love my waterpik (plus the toothbrush is an extra plus) and so does my husband since we share the waterpik - although we do use different toothbrush attachments :) my mouth feels cleaner I am actually looking forward to seeing my dental hygeinist to see how much (or hopefully less) scraping she will have to do and if it has made a big difference in the health of my teeth,t !!!'' water pick has many settings

    Sep 23,2018

  • Pav
    Totally recommend it
    I was super hesitant of buying electric toothbrushes but heard a lot about Xiaomi as a company which offer quality products at very low prices, so decided to buy my first product from Xiaomi and that too electric tooth brush along with the extra heads pack. Man i am glad that i bought it. It cleans really well and the batter lasts super long, charging time is also super fast. Totally recommend it.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Jimmy Hall
    The toothbrush is so good that everyone stopped using their other brands and borrowed mine,the main difference is the power of the waterpik toothbrush,the water floss part is really nice it comes with multiple tips so I get my own and my teeth are really close and hard to fit floss in so I just rarely floss,don't waist your time and money on other products this one is the best we tried them all

    Sep 28,2018

  • Electric Mike
    Top Qualität, perfekt verpackt
    Habe mir gezielt die blauen mit dem kleinen Kopf genommen, weil mann da an bestimmte Ecken besser dran kommt. Die Bürstenköpfe sind zum Einen in einer verschweissten Pappverpackung, ausserdem sind alle nochmal einzeln verschweißt. Also sehr hygienisch. Auch im Gebrauch, finde ich die Plastikkappe auf jedem Kopf wirklich top. Da können sich andere Hersteller ein Beispiel nehmen. Borsten und Kopf sind auch super.

    Sep 06,2019

  • Norm Bossey
    Over the past few years i've developed a few deep pockets between my teeth,i was amazed how clean my teeth got,sonicare is a good brand but never got my teeth marble smooth the way this one does,the bristles are on the soft side but it's very effective with the power this sonic brush has,my teeth have never felt or looked so good,great purchase and very affordable

    Oct 03,2018