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  • TruRev
    have scoured the reviews to find a dependable screen protector that works for the curved screen, My first purchase was a disaster with a Omoton two pack that had one that was chipped and the other popped off the first time I dropped the phone, in as much as it was one of the only protectors I found that actually had adhesive around the entirety of the screen, but I have been delighted with this product so far, I watched the installation of my previous protector as well as this one and I could tell there was no comparison

    Sep 13,2018

  • Mike Howells
    I usually don't leave a detailed review but this one is a given, After opening the box I found all the nescessay items to install the protector and very happy to see the guide included that makes the install so easy, I got no air in between the screen and what was in there diminished quickly and I think the extra curved glass added gives a little more coverage to the screen, Overall its a decent screen protector and I think this one should be looked at and given a chance in your decisions

    Oct 04,2018

  • Weather Warrior
    Tried two other tempered glass screen protectors before finding this TechMatte protector, One of the two previous protectors cracked during -LRB- very careful -RRB- installation ; the other previous protector chipped, Neither the cracking nor the chipping were due to drops or to abusive use, and it is far and away the best of the protectors I've used, and the tempered glass is crystal clear, the TechMatte protector is about as close to perfect as I've found

    Sep 23,2018

  • TQuigley
    The previous screen protector on my wife's iPhone X started to develop bubbles -LRB- no idea how -RRB- so decided to get new ones, the ones we got were OK but the edges were not very well polished and most importantly the top part of the screen protector is a full cut out -LRB- see pictures -RRB- which means less protection

    Sep 08,2018

  • Robbie Blackwell
    Probably the easiest install of a screen protector that I have ever done, makes it a perfect fit, As long as you make sure that your screen is spotless before you put it on then you should have no issues, though it is very slightly cut off due to the side edge glue, It holds on tight to the screen

    Oct 21,2018

  • Szymonstrum PL
    Gr8 glass!
    Glass fits perfectly. Its very easy to install on the phone. It has all the holes you need. This is the best P8 lite glass I've had

    Jul 20,2019

  • Scott W.
    their customer service made me a repeat customer : stellar service in a situation where I needed it, the installation tray included made installation -- the one challenge with using glass this good -- easy

    Oct 01,2018

  • RLW01 -- Los Angeles
    Great product, The first screen protector did it's job and eventually cracked with so many drops -LRB- as expected with tempered glass -RRB-, and received my new screen protector not too long after

    Oct 15,2018

  • Andrea Lampron
    Good screen protector, I used to have one that went around my ENTIRE SCREEN but that made installing cases difficult as it wouldn't let the case sit properly, THIS screen protector is great

    Sep 15,2018

  • Tami Platisha
    the best screen protector I've ever had, the protector was positioned exactly right on my phone, I've tried many different protectors that were crap and this one is the one to buy !!!

    Sep 18,2018